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BrainWorks: Kids & Sports-Related Concussions

Published on 17 Nov 2018 / In Sports

Join UW bioengineering research associate professor and BrainWorks host, Eric Chudler, as he takes viewers on a journey inside the human brain. With the goal of educating children about the wonders of neuroscience, this entertaining and informative episode delves into world of sports-related concussions and demonstrates to kids and parents alike ways to prevent and protect the brain from concussions.

Eric Chudler, research associate professor, Department of Bioengineering, UW, executive director, Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering
Samuel Browd, pediatric neurosurgeon, Seattle Children's Hospital
Andrew Little, athletic training supervisor, Seattle Children's Hospital
Lesle Gallimore, head coach UW Women's Soccer
Sara Martinez, former player, UW Women's Soccer
Khatsini Simani, bicycling educator, Cascade Bicycle



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